Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's been a while, but we're having a BALL!

There will be a flurry of related events, including a dance workshop, hair workshop and more. Ticket details will be posted on the events page, so click away.  Join us for our first major winter ball since 2010!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Flashback to December - Afternoon Tea & Assembly

We have been a bit quiet, thrown into a state of limbo by Nora's tragic accident and some other negative things that happened during the past months. But we're still here, and planning is underway for a spate of new events, including a Winter Ball! We're very excited to have Stephanie Robertson Maier back in the fold, and she is inspired. And you all know what happens when she is inspired... all I can say is GOOD THING Her last little assembly was a delight. A delicious tea followed by dancing and a lively round of Speculation! Here's a little movie of the group warming up with the old and simple standard "Hole in the Wall"


 Please also know, I (Stephanie Johanesen) am arranging some dance workshops to be held possibly once a month at Sandy. Along with those, and the new events, we also have a large costume fair that will be for all manner of costume periods and styles, including cosplay and more. Details to come! Keep checking our events page for more details. Here are some pics from December's tea & assembly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An ORS Leader In Need

Nora, also known as Lady Jersey.
If you haven't joined the ORS Facebook group, it's likely you are unaware that Nora Azevedo, the ORS's excellent treasurer and one of the group's valuable leaders, was, along with her husband Bob, involved in a violent car crash which only by the miracle of modern engineering, they barely survived.

In case you need evidence of the severity of their crash
Thank you for donating!
Because the medical bills will be insurmountable, we are posting their GoFundMe campaign so that members who understand Nora's value to the group, and care about her can contribute towards her safe recovery.

As you can imagine, this has had a significant emotional impact on the whole group and we want to make sure that Nora is up and at it soon. The ORS needs her! So please contribute! Thank you.

Please click here to donate: 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Save the dates!

Keep an eye out on our event page for details, registration and activity announcements for our two legacy destination events. 2015's Regency Retreat and the reknownedTopsails & Tea weekend, which will be in Coos Bay, Oregon this year.  Keep visiting, or join the ORS Facebook Group to keep yourself up to date on news and goings-on!

Friday, September 26, 2014

A lovely poem inspired by the second Winter Ball in 2008 at the David Cole Mansion.

Ode to a Regency Ball 
by Ruth Haring

Tiny lights twinkle in the frosty night,
Covering turrets and windows with a heavenly light.
Our trailing skirts are lifted to enter the hall,
We’re giddy with excitement – it’s our first regency ball.

Hours and hours have been spent dreaming and planning.
Yards of ribbon and fabric and lace have been spanning.
Our house for weeks now, but finally we’re near,
And our magical night is about to appear.

We’ve curled every hair, tied every cravat,
Laced up the corsets and donned every hat.
We’ve primped and we’ve fussed, checked and rechecked
‘Til we’re all completely and properly bedecked.

Katie is a vision in silky ice blue,
Kristin is regal in a lovely lavender hue,
The gentlemen are looking particularly smashing,
An evening coat and cravat is terribly dashing.

As we entered the mansion, we see a magical sight,
Scores of ladies and gentlemen are packed in tight.
They’re lined up in rows and gaily dancing,
The ladies are gliding, the gentlemen prancing.

Before very long, we've joined in the throng,
Twirling and spinning along with the song.
We’re learning new terms like set, honor and cast,
Dancing to lovely old tunes from the past.

The Duke of Kent’s Waltz and Hole in the Wall,
We’re learning! It’s amazing! Please don’t let me fall!
But everyone is helpful, glad to advise,
And we are so grateful for these words from the wise.

Between some of the sets, we step out in the dark,
To find tables with refreshments under trees in the park.
Their trunks are wrapped in more twinkling lights
And the laughter and music spill into the night.

We've been transported to an earlier time.
When men were more courtly, with manners sublime.
Women wore gowns that made them feel
Like those fairy tale princesses really were real.

Finally tired but happy, we head for the door.
Curls have drooped, and feet are sore.
But the magic has happened – we’ll never forget,

This wonderful ball, nor the friends that we’ve met.