Thursday, April 11, 2013

New events, more to come, and then some.

Happy taxtime everyone. LOL. We've just added in a few events. The next two months will be packed with things to do in costume... from teas and picnics to the infamous Topsails and Tea event that has finally been rounded out and completed, so please check our events page. Frequently!

We are celebrating a special event for one of our most esteemed leaders, Miss Stephanie Robertson, who will be getting married in August. We will be holding a tea to celebrate this event, and are asking the participants to bring a postcard sized 'scrap-booky' card to contribute to her event album.  We are hoping some of the more Regency techniques will be used to create the cards, including quilling, calligraphy, watercolours, sketching and more or if you're ambitious... all!... we are looking forward to seeing what the album looks like with each individual contribution.

Can you quill? :)
Topsails and Tea has been completed at last, and has two days of activities to make the trip to Hood River worthwhile, including a customized tea menu by 3 Rivers Grill, dinner at Riverside and breakfast at the Hood River Hotel.  These are all additions to the lovely evening sail aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain.

A new picnic has been arranged in a lilac garden to boot. And we will be posting an announcement for a new hat & bonnet workshop very soon, so keep posted.

Also, the Northwest Chapter is welcoming two new leaders on board.  Mrs. Kat D'Silva and Miss Aelfgyva LaFae joined the ORS NW leadership this week and will be contributing in organizing events and welcoming new members. So please be sure to give these ladies an appreciative pat on the back for leaping into the fire with the rest of us. LOL.

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