Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Productive meetings = new events!

The ORS leadership had a meeting this past week, and the result is a nice busy list of events that reach well into the spring of 2014. Yay! Amid other plans, we are also working on the retreat for our state as well, but those plans will be announced when we have settled things.  In the meantime, we've already got something for our membership every month through March of 2014, which is faboo, and as it always happens, new things will pop up in between as we go along.  For now, our events page will be populated as venues are confirmed, with a few 'save the dates' so people have time to plan.

Among the many new events are a few new additions to the ORS Workshop Series, including two day workshops to create foundation costume pieces for a Regency wardrobe, including the 'unmentionables', and even gowns.  So keep checking in!

The first workshop to come up is a weekend workshop to create a set of Regency stays. With the assistance of experienced costumers, like Nora Azevedo, participants will be able to create a set of stays from start to finish (hopefully) during this workshop.  Materials for the foundation of the stays will be provided as part of the fee, and all participants have to bring is their sewing kit and fashion fabric if they want something fancy to cover the exterior of their stays other than plain white.

The ORS's Northwest Chapter has two very popular posts about Regency stays, and participants can use them to help decide which type of stays would best suit them.

The Regency stay is a crucial, foundation item that is required to achieve the proper regency silhouette, there is no doubt about it. There are very few substitutes for the stay, even a bodiced petticoat has its limits. Gowns designed to work with modern bras have longer backs, and although superficially they have the regency shape, they do not have the accuracy of a period costume.  Any participant looking to advance their skill level and their accuracy in regency costume, and to have the foundation garments that they can build their wardrobe on, this is the workshop for you.  It's over a two days on a weekend, and will be held at the private home of ORS leader Mary Whittaker (aka Aelfgyva). See the events page for details.

And remember, all ORS workshop series events are costume-free. Show up in jeans, a t-shirt with a latté clutched in your hand. We don't always play dress-up, but when we're not all trussed up for Regency fun, we are at least getting together to prepare for it. ;)  See you at our next event!

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