Sunday, April 13, 2014

Topsails and Tea 2014 - a stellar event!

Topsails and Tea will be taking place in Astoria this year, the first permanent settlement west of the Rockies, and Oregon's oldest.  We will be there to welcome our lovely lady friends, the Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington.  The event takes place over the last weekend in May, starting Friday night, May 30 with the Astor Ball.

The Astor Ball will be held in the beautiful Masonic Center in Astoria, a building that has a lovely Grecian/Roman appearance.  Inside is a spacious ballroom and a mezzanine room from which participants may view the dancing while at cards.

Columns and a classic portico to welcome ballgoers.
The ballroom below, the mezzanine room across,
an elegant space for our purposes.
On Saturday, there will be a museum visit, and tea at the infamous, and historic Flavel House, a graceful Victorian beauty in the center of Astoria.

The Flavel House Museum.
Saturday evening will then feature the evening sail on the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain. These are ships out of the Grays Harbour Historical Seaport.

The Lady Washington

The Hawaiian Chieftain
We will tie up the weekend with a picnic at Fort Clatsop on Sunday.  It is a full weekend of all-regency-all-the-time fun, so pack your trunks and join us! All are welcome to all of our events in the beautiful, historical Astoria, Oregon.

A soaring view of Astoria and the bridge.
Astor Ball event page on Facebook (must be logged in and a member of the ORS group to view)
Topsails & Tea event page on Facebook (must be logged in and a member of the ORS group to view)

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