Friday, July 31, 2015

Flashback to December - Afternoon Tea & Assembly

We have been a bit quiet, thrown into a state of limbo by Nora's tragic accident and some other negative things that happened during the past months. But we're still here, and planning is underway for a spate of new events, including a Winter Ball! We're very excited to have Stephanie Robertson Maier back in the fold, and she is inspired. And you all know what happens when she is inspired... all I can say is GOOD THING Her last little assembly was a delight. A delicious tea followed by dancing and a lively round of Speculation! Here's a little movie of the group warming up with the old and simple standard "Hole in the Wall"


 Please also know, I (Stephanie Johanesen) am arranging some dance workshops to be held possibly once a month at Sandy. Along with those, and the new events, we also have a large costume fair that will be for all manner of costume periods and styles, including cosplay and more. Details to come! Keep checking our events page for more details. Here are some pics from December's tea & assembly.

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